Commanding Presence Presentation Skills Workshops

Highly Effective Presentation Skills Training with Personal Coaching for Executives, Managers and Leaders


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Do your presentation skills and communication skills fall short of matching your expertise and knowledge?

Do you have complex ideas and thoughts that you wish to deliver in a way that is easily remembered when speaking impromptu?

Is speaking anxiety a barrier to your success?

Do you want to be more eloquent and persuasive in high-stakes meetings and presentations?

If your response is YES to these questions, then our presentation skills training will provide a substantial and permanent improvement to your speaking skills.

Is Our Presentation Skills Training Right For You?

Accountants, lawyers, executives, sales staff and other professionals, either in the early stage of their career or already successful leaders, all will benefit from our presentation skills training.

Our immediately effective presentation skills training and communication skills training is ideal for those who desire to raise their speaking skills to a higher level to reflect their advanced analytic or writing abilities.

What Types of Presentation Skills Training Do We Offer?

For the past 25 years, we have specialized in highly transformational presentation skills workshops that include expert coaching, guided exercises, practice, extensive videotaping, feedback, and individual performance recommendations. Our training will bring about substantial and permanent improvement to your presentation skills. We have developed highly effective techniques for presenting complex thoughts and ideas in formal presentations, as well as “thinking of your feet” in impromptu situations such as large, small and 1-on-1 meetings.

Presentation Skills and Communication Skills Training for Individuals

We provide a two-day small-group personal coaching communication skills training every month in Toronto, Ontario. Learn more about our Two-Day Commanding Presence Advanced Presentation Skills Workshops

Presentation Skills and Communication Skills Training for Groups

For organizations looking to train large or small groups of executives and staff, we provide customized presentation skills training in the following formats: 2-hour, half-day, one-day and two-day. Learn more about our In-House Training

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