Corporate Communication Skills Training

Corporate Communication Skills Training for Large or Small Groups

About Our Corporate Communication Skills Training

In Commanding Presence’s highly effective and transformational training courses, your staff will achieve a substantial and permanent improvement in their comfort, confidence, and communication skills. Yout staff will receive all the expert coaching, exercises, practice, and video feedback they require to learn effective speaking skills in a comfortable and supportive learning environment. Your staff will quickly improve every aspect of their business communication skills and presentation skills, from strategy and text preparation to voice quality, body language, establishing rapport, and overcoming speaking anxiety.

We offer our training in-person across North America and virtually if needed in the following workshop formats: two-hour, half-day, one-day, and two-day formats. As you can expect, with the shorter workshops, we provided less personal coaching, fewer exercises, and spend less time on each unit.

What You Will Learn:

Your Information: How to organize your thoughts when speaking impromptu, how to prepare your presentation, how to manage the audience while speaking.

Your Delivery: how to connect with your audience, how to be persuasive and charismatic, how to control the virtual room while speaking, how to manage the audience while speaking.

Your Performance: How to manage your performance anxiety, warm-up your voice, and prepare to deliver a strong performance.

For the past 25 years, we have specialized in highly transformational communication skills workshops that include expert coaching, guided exercises, practice, extensive videotaping, feedback, and individual performance recommendations. Our training will bring about substantial and permanent improvement to your presentation skills. We have developed highly effective techniques for presenting complex thoughts and ideas in formal presentations, as well as “thinking of your feet” in impromptu situations such as large, small and 1-on-1 meetings.

Who Should Attend Our Corporate Communication Skills Training?

Corporate Communication Skills Training for Business Leaders

We specialize in Corporate Communication Skills Training for senior-level executives, leaders, and other professionals, both new and established, who want to raise their speaking skills to match their high-level writing skills.

Our training is of tremendous value to those who are in the early years of their career, as well as those who are already successful speakers.

Participants of our advanced communication presentation skills training will quickly improve every aspect of their business speaking skills, from strategy and text preparation to voice quality, body language, establishing rapport, and overcoming speaking anxiety.

After our Corporate Communication Skills Training, participants will be able to:

  • Speak with more confidence and authority in all business and social environments
  • Quickly prepare and deliver memorable, persuasive presentations and talks to small and large groups
  • “Think on your feet”: respond quickly and eloquently to questions and inquiries in meetings, on the telephone, and in presentations
  • Connect with the audience and establish rapport with different personality types: persuade and influence with integrity
  • Develop your authentic and natural speaking style
  • Manage personal stress and communicate effectively under pressure

What Makes Our Communication & Presentation Skills Training Unique?

happy staff after presentation skills training

All our workshops cover these two transformational units that will sustainably and permanently improve the speaking skills of your organization.

The FOCUS! Method
For subject experts and leaders there is a lot of pressure in choosing what to say, how much to say, and how to begin and how to end to ensure your message is effective, understood, and retained. That is why we created the FOCUS! Method which factors in the limitations of people’s short-term memory. We can cause people to rehearse, replay, or have strong images connected to our messages that transfer the message from working memory to longer-term memory. Thereby removing the “stickiness” of your messages and presentations.

The FOCUS! Method also provides a way for both introverts and extroverts to essentially “say less, and say it better”. It is a way to take complex thoughts and ideas and quickly and effectively present them in a way that is designed to be heard, retained, and persuasive. Participants will get a chance to create their own Focus Method presentations using current topics or issues and practice presenting them to other participants.

Connecting with Your Audience

The Connecting With Your Audience unit will help the participants to understand the behavioural cues of when your message is being received when to slow down, and when you need to clarify your message. Participants will also learn how to speak effectively from notes and text while using a conversational style of speaking that will help to imprint their message. Participants will practice this method with each other while receiving expert coaching.