Online Communication Skills Training Course

About the Online Communication Skills Training Course

This small group, instructor-led, online communication skills training course is designed for managers, executives, company leaders, accountants, lawyers, finance professionals, and other professionals both new and established, who want to raise their communication skills and presentation skills to match their high-level writing skills.

These are small group workshops with customized coaching tailored to the specific needs of each participant. Therefore, they are of tremendous value to those who are in the early years of their career, as well as those who are already successful speakers and leaders.

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About the Online Communication Skills Training Course

Develop a “Commanding Presence” and take your effectiveness to new heights with our innovative interactive virtual workshops. Participant in the Online Communication Skills Training Course

This workshop is NOT a one-way webcast.  This workshop is coach-led, interactive, and live in every sense of the word. It simulates the in-person Commanding Presence Two-Day Workshop with exercises, practice, prepared presentations to the group, and receiving constructive insights and feedback from the workshop coach and the other participants.

With only a small number (8 maximum) of participants, you receive expert personal coaching, plenty of exercises, virtual breakout sessions in groups of 2 or 3, and most importantly multiple opportunities to present to the group for more coaching and feedback.

In addition to all the units from the in-person, Two-Day Workshop, we will also cover how to present and communicate effectively in webinars and online meetings.

Online Communication Skills Training Course Features

  • Live exercises
  • Small break-out groups
  • Stretch breaks to keep you focused and healthy
  • Minimum 3 opportunities to record presentations to the group
  • Coaching and feedback from the coach and your peers
  • Receive your recorded presentations and the coaching feedback for reference after the workshop Configuration
  • Maximum 8 participants
  • Delivered in 2 x 2-hour online interactive segments each day, separated by 2-hour offline segments for lunch and practice and preparation.
  • Each 2-hour interactive segment includes a 10-minute break

What are the Major Takeaways of the Online Communication Skills Training Course?

Two of our most popular units during the workshop are the FOCUS! Method and Connecting with Your Audience.

For subject experts and leaders there is a lot of pressure in choosing what to say, how much to say, and how to begin and how to end to ensure your message is effective, understood, and retained. That is why we created the FOCUS! Method which factors in the limitations of people’s short-term memory. We can cause people to rehearse, replay, or have strong images connected to our messages that transfer the message from working memory to longer-term memory. Thereby removing the “stickiness” of your messages and presentations.

The FOCUS! Method also provides a way for both introverts and extroverts to essentially “say less, and say it better”. It is a way to take complex thoughts and ideas and quickly and effectively present them in a way that is designed to be heard, retained, and persuasive. Participants will get a chance to create their own Focus Method presentations using current topics or issues and practice presenting them to other participants. We will record the presentations and provide coaching.

The Connecting With Your Audience unit will help the participants to understand the behavioural cues of when your message is being received when to slow down, and when you need to clarify your message. Participants will also learn how to speak effectively from notes and text while using a conversational style of speaking that will help to imprint their message. Participants will practice this method with each other while receiving expert coaching. We will record each participant presenting using this method.

During the communication skills training, we will also cover: managing anxiety while speaking, controlling the room while presenting, preparing to speak, preparing your voice, and how to analyze your audience.

Online Communication Skills Training Course Agenda - EDT Time Zone


10:00 am Introduction
• Group discussion: Coaching objectives, individual objectives and personal interests are summarized
• Videotaping session #1

10:30 am Fundamentals of Advanced Communication
• Benefits and consequences of your speaking skills
• The elements of verbal communication
• The elements of personal performance
• Developing a Commanding Presence

11:15 am The FOCUS! Method™
• Prepare short, clear, memorable messages on current topics and issues
• How to “think on your feet” and respond quickly and persuasively
• Creating your own library of eloquent and persuasive statements for client presentations
• Partnered work: practice writing Focus Method presentations


12:00 pm Lunch
1:00 pm Practice and Preparation


2:00 pm FOCUS! Method Presentations
• Coaching and videotaping session #2

3:00 pm Video Feedback Session
• Participants receive analysis and comments on their communication effectiveness
• Individual Coaching
• Personality Impact — positive feedback from peers and coach on personal qualities unconsciously conveyed

4:00 pm End of Day 1


10:00 am Connecting with your VIRTUAL Audience
• The keys to effective delivery in-person and via video
• Natural speaking with effective eye contact
• Audience interaction
• Partnered work: speaking effectively from notes
• Coaching and videotaping session #3

11:00 am How to Manage the Group Online
• Setting your virtual stage
• Make virtual real: movement and gestures
• Using notes and technical equipment
• How to deliver complex information with PowerPoint

11:30 am Preparing to Speak and Eliminating Stress and Anxiety
• Managing pre-performance stress
• Relaxation techniques to increase energy and reduce tension

12:00 pm Lunch
1:00 pm Practice and Preparation


2:00 pm Program Review

2:30 am Dealing with Difficult Conversations
• Delivering bad news
• Words and topics to avoid
• Partnered work: delivering bad news

3:00 pm Final Presentations
• Coaching and videotaping session #4

3:30 pm Final Coach’s Recommendations and Q&A
• Coaching and participant Q&A

4:00 pm End of Workshop

Online Communication Skills Training Course Fee and Materials

The Online Communication Skills Training Course is $1,900 + HST and includes the following:

Workshop Deliverables

  • Pre-workshop personal assessment of each participant which helps the coach customize the workshop to the goals and needs of the participants. This will be in the form of an online questionnaire.
  • Highly interactive workshop with group exercises, practice, and expert personal coaching
  • Commanding Presence Workbook PDF
  • Videotaping sessions (min. 3 recording sessions)
  • Video feedback session with fee
Online Communication Skills Training Course